Portfolio Managers Discretionary Account (PMDA)

Portfolio Managers Discretionary Account (PMDA) products offer full & complete portfolio management services where the investor only monitors the performance of the Portfolio Manager and everything else from risk minimization, diversify of asset allocation, investment decisions, interest on free balance,corporate action follow up to safe custody of Investments will be done by “CAPM Advisory Limited” in respect of the clients to meet the reasonable return for a reasonable time period of investment. We are diversifying the asset to minimize the risk, and toget maximum return out of it.

If your goal is to take an active approach using timely insights and well-diversified portfolios, you can depend on us. Each portfolio (Product) is run by an experienced & qualified manager and support team with a proven track record and process. CAPM Advisory Limited has 5 PMDA products, each with unique features.


Salient Features of our “PMDA Services”

          Risk Minimization

          Diversification of asset allocation strategy

          Bank interest on free balance

          Competitively lower “Management Fee”

          Decision on share buy/sell & execution

          Keeping the securities in safe custody

          Collection of dividend and bonus shares on behalf of clients

          Subscription of the rights issues & IPO

          Our aim is give you a reasonable return for a reasonable time period of investment

          Limited trade so brokerage commission will be lower

          Weekly report of investment

          You can also log in to our website to get your “Portfolio Report”