Secondary Market Services

CAPM Advisory Limited offers wide variety of opportunities for both individual and institutional clients under secondary market products. By combining the expertise of highly experienced and skilled portfolio management team, analyzing capital market and different clients need, we have designed different products aiming to serve all groups of investors. Our research team is observing capital market and collecting information to provide continuous decision making support to management and valued investors.

For Individual Clients

As a valued investor, you deserve the highest level of support to secure your invested capital and to have an appreciation of the fund. We do believe in investment rather than trading. We do not follow the traditional concept of maximizing your trading cost without any focus to maximizing your portfolio size.

For Institutional Clients

Your organization’s operational and other risks can be minimized by investing your capital in diversified options. CAPM Advisory Limited provides you the most efficient platform for capital market investment.

We have designed our operational procedure to give you not only the comfort of technological advancements but also the maximum cushion for the downside market movement.

We do understand your need and have launched an array of portfolios to meet your desired outcome based on your exposure.


Portfolio Management

In a vibrant and dynamic market, it is increasingly challenging to design an optimal investment portfolio for your organization or yourself. You are presented with diverse opportunities in emerging capital & money market and other alternative investments. As the choices of increasing, shaping, managing, and monitoring investment portfolios become more complicated.

CAPM Advisory Limited’s products designed to meet the needs of investors and offers research based tools and knowledge from the experts. Leading experts provide diverse perspectives on portfolio management. They also examine specific investment instruments such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments. These products provide a solid foundation for building optimal portfolios, as well as effective tools for making better investments.

Absolute return strategies are fundamental components of any truly diversified investment portfolio whether it is an institutional investor or a private individual. CAPM Advisory Limited offers two schemes:

    Investor Discretionary Account (IDA): This account is managed by the account holder through CAPM Advisory Limited. The investor bears the risk of investment and also its gain or loss.

    Portfolio Managers Discretionary Account (PMDA): This account is managed by CAPM Advisory Limited on behalf of the client.